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Our Favorite Sports Fishing Boats in Vero Beach South

For the boating enthusiasts out there, we compiled a list of our favorite sports fishing boats. Let us know what you think.

Ocean 40 Super Sport

Launching New Jersey's Leek family into prominence, the Ocean 40 Super Sport debuted in 1977. Boasting a top speed of 30 knots, unprecedented for the time, the 40 was the first of a series of successful designs by the Ocean building company. Ocean eventually became the leader in the convertible- and express-boat markets, as many imitators failed to match the quality construction and solid value of Ocean yachts.

43 Merritt

No list would be complete without the 43 Merritt, widely considered the epitome of sport fishing boats. The 43 looks clean and unostentatious, with a large cockpit, simple controls, and supreme maneuverability. It augured the transition from framed to cold molded construction, inspiring the love for sports fishing in the United States. Only 11 were ever built, and in the hands of the world's top crews, the 43s hold many world records for blue marlin and bluefin tuna fishing. In fact, the bluefin trolling record was set by Captain Buddy Merritt in 1968 aboard the first 43 model and broken in the mid-1980s by the last 43 ever built.

31 Yellowfin

The 31 Yellowfin was introduced in 2000 and skyrocketed the brand from obscurity to mainstream. Breaking with the center console mold, the 31 made waves in the saltwater fishing boat world with its stepped-hull offshore design and layout. Its list of trophies in competitive fishing tournaments is changing the way sports fishing boats will be modeled in the future.

SeaVee 390 IPS

Welcome the new leader in light-tackle fishing boats. The SeaVee 390 IPS carries Volvo Penta's revolutionary pod drives to performance levels previously unthinkable. It goes sideways faster than most boats in reverse, spins so fast you need to hold on, and it is effortless to dock. The 390 maneuvers so quickly and precisely that it is blowing away the competition.

57 Spencer

The 57 Spencer took North Carolina's boat building reputation to a whole new level. Building upon the sturdy, seaworthy models of North Carolina tradition, Spencer added speed and sleekness that brought new attention to the state's boats. Before becoming a shipbuilder in 1996, Paul Spencer worked as a chartermate and captain. His experience helped modernize the look and build of the North Carolina fleet, and the 57 is the epitome of that revolution.

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SeaCraft 20

With a simple center-console that allowed true 360° fishing, the SeaCraft 20 enjoyed wide popularity among guides and anglers alike from the late '60s through the '80s. Based on a 21-foot racing hull of Carl Moesly design, the SeaCraft added longitudinal steps along the hull giving diverse degrees of deadrise in three sections. This Variable Deadrise Hull was deep-V in the center and gradually flattened out to her aft chines, providing a dry and stable ride.

53 Hatteras

Representing the standard in offshore fishing boats is the 53 Hatteras. First produced in 1969, the Hatteras combined a spacious cockpit with a comfortable living area to make it a favorite of the big production fishing boat world. Its heavy build made for a stable, if wet, ride, and became the model to emulate for the modern boat builders.

34 Rybovich

The 34 Rybovich was the original sports fishing boat, and cannot be ignored on any all-time greatest list. Miss Chevy II was custom designed specifically for sports fishing, a first in 1947. Until then, converted cabin cruisers had been used with limited success. The 34 Rybovich eventually became a charter boat in West Palm Beach, Florida and was renamed the Sail Ahoy.

Boston Whaler Nauset

Reputed to be the first production center console in the world, the Nauset changed fishing boat design forever. The design remains the most popular in the world, and rightfully so. Their "unsinkable" design made it one of the most popular fishing boats in all of history, with ads showing a boat sawed completely in half still returning to shore. Thousands of Nausets were sold, primarily on the East and Gulf Coasts of the US, and spawned later popular Boston Whaler models Montauk, Menemsha, and Newport.

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