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Looking for motorcycle bike maintenance tips or the best synthetic oil products to keep your bike running at its best? This article has information on providing general motorcycle maintenance at home.

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Guide

Whether it's an old classic that you only take out on weekends or the vehicle that gets you from A to B every day, if you own a motorcycle then you want to keep it in good shape. While a mechanic is the best bet when it comes to serious work, Willburner has some tips below to share on how you can keep it in good working order in between these visits.

Give It a Wash

Before you start any type of maintenance on your bike, the first step is to give it a wash. After all, if there is grease and oil covering your parts then you aren't likely to notice any damage or wear. A light wash is fine. Once you have finished your maintenance, then it's time to give it a good soaping and a thorough wash and dry. Pay attention to the last point - dry. If you leave water or soap to remain on your bike, then it can eat away at your paint job or the body of the engine itself.


It's no surprise that driving on two wheels is more dangerous than four. But the situation is made worse when those two wheels don't have sufficient grip. Check the condition of your tires, paying close attention to any nicks and cuts that may have occurred when riding over debris and which could cause a blow-out as you're riding. Once you are sure the tire is clean, check the depth of the tread. Your tire manufacturer can tell you the right depth or take a look in your owner's manual.

Engine Oil

It doesn't matter if you ride every day or once a month, you need to change your oil. If it doesn't wear out then it can age out. This doesn't mean a top up, it means a full drain and synthetic oil change/replacement. While you're doing the work, consider this a good time to swap to a premium synthetic oil. You can click here to visit Willburner's online store where you can purchase high-quality motorcycle oils such as AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. If you don't know which engine oil is right for your bike, call (772) 770-3448 and speak with an expert who can help.

Oil Filter

Just like your car, your motorcycle has an oil filter which also needs changing. Depending on the type you use and your riding conditions, you can look at performing this change yearly. If you neglect to keep your eye on its condition, then dirty oil will be allowed to operate throughout your engine, providing an inferior level of lubrication and leading to engine wear and damage.

Spark Plugs

If your starts are taking a little longer than they used to then you could be looking at dirty or old spark plugs. Give them a check every six months just to see their condition. If they are looking like they have seen better days, it's time for a replacement.

Air Filter

All combustion engines need air and clean air at that! If you ride a road bike then your air filter likely doesn't see too much debris. A good check and possible replacement each year is a good place to start. If you ride in the dirt a lot, however, then you could potentially look at cleaning it every day with much more frequent changes.

Cables, Levers, and Handles

Your bike's parts are all connected by cables and levers and controlled by handles. If any of these becomes aged or worn, then it will affect your ability to ride the bike safely. Take away what body of the bike is designed to be removed and take a look at the condition of all your cables, levers, and mechanisms for aspects like steering, throttle control. braking, etc.


Whether it's transmission fluid, coolant, grease, if it's a fluid, check it and top it up. Given that you don't have the capacity to carry around bottles of spare fluids when you ride, it's crucial that you maintain good levels all the time. If you notice that any of your fluids are looking a little old, consider a full replacement instead of just a simple top up.

Buy the Best Products for Your Motorcycle's Synthetic Oil Change in Florida Ridge

If you need the best engine oil to use in your motorcycle then call Willburner at (772) 770-3448. If you would like to read more information about each product you can click here to visit their online store for premium products like AMSOIL's V-Twin Oil Change Kit.

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