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Are you looking for information to help you buy the right motorcycle safety gear for your new ride? This article information to help you stay safe on your bike and keep it running at its best. Whether you have never been on a motorbike before in your life or you feel like you have been sitting on one since you were old enough to reach the pedals, there is one thing that should always be at the forefront of your mind: Safety! Because a bike doesn’t come with the numerous safety features which adorn modern cars, responsible riders need to take steps to ensure their own safety. If you consider yourself a responsible rider and are looking for a refresher on what you should be wearing or even first time tips on what to look for, Willburner has a post with information to help, below.


Let’s start with the most important part of your body - your head! The best way to protect your head should you become involved in a collision is with a motorcycle helmet. Not a push-bike helmet, not a go-karting helmet - a motorcycle helmet. Not all motorcycle helmets were created equal, however, so pay attention to the following when you are looking

This Isn’t a Runway

So don’t treat it like one. The last aspect you should consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet is how good it looks. Remember, if you have an accident, people aren’t going to care how good your helmet looks.

Give it a Try!

Remember that a motorcycle helmet is supposed to fit snugly, but not so much that it’s too tight you can’t breathe. However, with this in mind, it’s important to remember that you are putting on a helmet which is designed to protect you. This means that they aren’t all going to be the most comfortable piece of safety gear you’ve ever worn, so expect some level of adjustment.

Speak With Other Riders

Once you have narrowed down your choices, take to the internet and look for some motorcycle message boards or forums where you can speak with experienced riders who are happy to give their advice and share their knowledge. If you are looking for the best products for your motorbike, click here to buy AMSOIL's  20W-50 V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. Products like these are purpose designed to keep your bike running at its best. To find out more about the range of other products available, don't hesitate to call Willburner at (772) 770-3448.


Of course, helmets have come a long way since they were first designed. Most noticeably, technological inclusions. While these can seem like a gimmick, being able to speak on your phone safely using Bluetooth built into your helmet could be a big advantage to a rider.


Moving down to your motorcycle jacket, it is again important to remember that you need a purpose designed jacket. This means that you need to leave that fashionable denim jacket in the closet (or the 80’s) and wear only safe riding gear. Consider the following when looking for motorcycle jackets:
  • Quality
    • While you shouldn't choose a jacket based on the price, it can be a good indication of the quality of the garment. Be sure it is made with high-quality material and has strong and potentially reinforced stitching.
  • Rain
    • The last thing that you want to do is get stuck out in the rain without a waterproof jacket. While it can seem obvious, not all jackets are designed to repel water, let alone protect you from it. Be sure your future jacket can offer you some level of protection from the rain.
  • Reinforcements
    • The majority of motorcycle jackets are likely to include reinforcements for your elbow. However, they can go a lot further, extending this support through your arm, and even your back/shoulders.


If you were to sit on a chair and rock side to side until you fell over, your would instinctively put your hands out to take the fall. Unfortunately, this is also the action you will take in the event that you come off your bike and hit the road. For this reason, it’s important that you’re always wearing gloves which include the following:
  • They allow you to safely and easily reach all levers and switches
  • Are made from leather or a similarly durable material
  • Will protect your hands from water
  • Include wrist and palm reinforcements
  • Are the correct size


Now it’s time for your pants, and similar to that fashionable denim jacket you left in your closet, so too must you leave your jeans. As durable as they may look, they jeans aren’t designed to protect you from an accident. Look for the following:


Just like your jacket, your pants are likely to include reinforcements. However, not all pants will include the same level of protection. At the least, look for protection around your knees, however, don’t forget your hips.


Leather is likely to be the most common choice. However, there are alternative fabrics available. Whichever you choose, be sure that it is strong and has been purpose designed to protect you in the event of a motorcycle accident.


Remember that you are likely going to be wearing these off the bike, too. For this reason, be sure they include sufficient storage for your personal items. This way, you will be less likely to throw on your jeans and fill the pockets before riding, and will instead make use of your proper motorcycle pants and their safety features.


As you can guess from the theme of this article, purpose designed boots are going to be in order when you get onto your bike. THis means no sneakers, no dress shoes, and definitely no flip-flops! Consider the following:
  • Flex
    • Pick up your sneaker and try to bend it. How much it bends is how much it will let your foot bend in a collision. Now try it with a motorcycle boot. Very different level of give. When choosing boots, look for ones which will maintain their shape in an accident.
  • Grip
    • What’s the use of boots if they slip each time that you change gears in the rain? Be sure any boots you buy include non-slip technology to prevent slipping off your pegs.
  • Support
    • Similar to the other items on this list, look for boots which include support around your ankle, and even further if you desire. Remember, these are the items that will protect you if you come off your bike, so be sure they are good enough quality to perform their task.

Give Your Bike a Synthetic Oil Change in Saint Lucie County

Of course, wearing the right gear is only one component to staying safe on your ride. Keeping a well-maintained bike is another great way to help ensure your safety as you ride. Make sure you are using only the best products in your bike by calling Willburner at (772) 770-3448 and speaking with an expert. Leaders in the field of engine lubrication, a professional at Willburner, will make sure you get the right product for your engine.

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