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Get a Head Start on Your Fall Motorcycle Maintenance

If you're an avid motorcycle rider, a small dip in outdoor temperatures during the fall will most likely not be enough to get you off the road. As you continue to ride your motorcycle this season, don't forget to take care of some important maintenance tasks to keep your motorcycle in top shape. AMSOIL Dealer- Will Burner can help you get started with some basic tips.

Thoroughly Wash Your Motorcycle

Before starting any maintenance work on your motorcycle, start by giving it a through wash. Doing this will help you remove grime and debris that may have built up on your motorcycle's body and parts. After washing your motorcycle, make sure you dry it in order to prevent unsightly watermarks from developing. Taking care of this first will allow you to have a better view and understanding of your motorcycle's condition. As you start to analyze your motorcycle when it's clean, you can also begin to tighten loose nuts and bolts and other small parts.

Maintain Your Battery Properly Charged

It's no secret that your motorcycle relies on a battery to keep it powered. As temperatures start to drop, they can cause your battery to strain more, meaning you may have to charge it more often. If the weather isn't ideal, you probably won't ride your motorcycle as often. Leaving your motorcycle idle for a couple weeks can also cause a decrease in battery power. Whatever the case may be, be sure to maintain your battery properly charged so that you don't get left stranded on the road. While you're working with the battery, take some time to also ensure the cables and connections are in good condition and clean.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

During the hot summer months you may have noticed your tires becoming overly-inflated on their own. Although subtle, this is common for all tires because of the effects the heat has on their air pressure. As temperatures get colder, the opposite may also start to occur. It's important that you check your tire pressure often in order to ensure that your tires are not losing pressure and leaving you susceptible to tougher maneuverability on the road. When you're checking on your tire pressure, be sure to also inspect your tire tread. Your tires should have more than 1 mm of tread left in order to give you good traction and keep you safe.

Top off or Change Fluids

Your motorcycle's fluids are basically the bloodlines that keep it alive and well. Always keep plenty of fluid in your tank and keep an eye on your coolant. Check your motorcycle's oil in order to ensure it's still decent and at the proper level. If the oil look quite dirty, it's definitely time to change it. Your best bet is to give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change this season. No matter what type of motorcycle you have, you can be sure AMSOIL will have the perfect synthetic oil for every ride. Keep your engine clean, protected, and working properly with the best synthetic oil ASMOIL has to offer. Make your next oil change a full synthetic oil change. Contact AMSOIL Dealer- Will Burner at (772) 770-3448 and to find the perfect synthetic oil for all of your vehicles.

Safety Tips for the Fall Roads

Once your motorcycle is ready for the fall, it's also a good idea to prepare yourself for some changes you may see on the road.

Practice Defensive Driving

Many drivers don't expect to see many motorcycles out on the road after summer, so it's important that you drive defensively and protect yourself. Avoid riding in other car's blind spots, especially during darker times of the day and in heavy traffic. Try to wear bright or reflective clothing that will make it easier for other drivers to spot you. Lastly, stay alert and keep more distance between yourself and other drivers so you have more time to react.

Know What Weather to Expect

Fall roads can be more dangerous than during the previous season because of changing weather conditions. As the season progresses and moves closer to winter, moist roads, ice patches, and even storms may become more prevalent. To keep yourself safe, check the weather report before hopping on your motorcycle. Knowing what to expect will help you dress for the weather and be better prepared for what's coming.

Dress Properly for the Season and the Road

Dressing for road will always have some standard rules. These include wearing a helmet, goggles, boots, long pants and long sleeves, but they may be modified with the season. Early fall may be cool in the mornings but warm during the day, meaning you should wear light layers you can shed as the day progresses. However, late fall may be cooler altogether. During this time of the year it's important that you stay warm and protected from outdoor elements, such as rain and wind. If you don't have a helmet with a visor, now is a great time to invest in the protection they offer against the elements.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Get help finding the best synthetic oil for all your engines by contacting AMSOIL Dealer- Will Burner. Give them a call at (772) 770-3448 for more information about AMSOIL Oil and visit their online shop for a full selection of products.

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