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Have you noticed that your regular trips to the gas stations are emptying out your wallet or your purse a little more than they used to? You aren’t alone. Motorists across the Country are seeing gas prices rise and rise with no signs that they will ever come back to the prices we used to know (and love). While we hate to say it - there isn’t much that we, as motorists, can do to lower the price of gas, however, there is a lot which we can do to lower our usage.

Easy to Implement Tips to Help You Reduce Your Gas Usage

If you are interested in reducing the amount of gas that you use for your regular drives while simultaneously increasing the performance and lifespan of your vehicle and engine, you’ve come to the right post. Years of experience providing motorists, just like yourself with quality AMSOIL products to reap the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Vero Beach South, Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner has put together a brief list of our top ways to decrease your gas usage.

Let's Start With Your Driving Style

Did you know that you will use more gas if you put your put flat on the gas pedal as you accelerate each time than if you were to leave the traffic lights a little slower? Accelerating from a standing stop at a slower speed can reduce your fuel consumption so much that it makes the top of this list. Now, while we aren’t suggesting that you need to crawl between your gears, the next time the light goes green, consider taking it easy instead of racing to the next red light. Your gas tank will be sure to thank you.

Have You Checked Your Levels?

If you can’t remember the last time that you checked your water and oil levels then now is a perfect time. Not only does your car require adequate water levels to keep its operating temperatures down, but if your engine oil levels are low then your car isn’t receiving the level of lubrication it needs. When your car is forced to operated without an adequate level of lubrication, instead of a smooth operation, each internal component slides and grinds against each other causing friction. This friction slows down the movement, requiring more energy to keep your car performing how you expect it to. And there’s only one place where your car engine gets the energy it needs to keep going - your gas tank. If you have lifted the hood and noticed that your oil levels are low, even just a little, top them up. If your oil is looking dark and a little dirty, instead of just putting more oil in, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner at (772) 770-3448 and get a high-quality synthetic oil. With a synthetic oil change in Vero Beach South, your car is provided with a high-quality lubrication product which works to facilitate smooth actions inside your engine. Smooth actions translate to an engine which requires less energy to run, leaving more gas in your tank.

Staying Cool Are You Drive

If you have ever wondered which is the better choice, air conditioning or opening the window, we have some information for you. If you are driving long distances at a constantly high speed, usually on the freeway for a road trip or similar, then your best bet would be to use your air conditioner. However, in saying this, keeping the car at a constantly cold temperature isn’t going to work. Choose a moderate temperature where both driver and passenger are comfortable, but not a temperature you would expect from your home system. The reason for this choice is because the air entering through an open window as you drive at higher speeds can work to pull the car back, requiring your engine to work harder. If you are simply running errands or making small trips, keeping your window down to stay cool and ventilated could be the better choice for you.

Tire Pressure

Believe it or not, keeping the right amount of pressure in your tires can have a great impact on your fuel usage. If your tires don't have enough pressure inside them it can cause friction between your tires and the road, which means your car isn't’ able to drive as smoothly as it could. Look at your owners manual and identify the correct pressure for your tires. With the right pressure, your driving will not only feel smoother, but your gas tank is more likely to stay fuller for longer.

The Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach South

These are just four of the main ways in which we can suggest helping you reduce your gas usage during your regular driving. If you are looking for more tips, give us a call here at Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner at (772) 770-3448 and learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Vero Beach South. Utilizing an extensive catalog of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil products, the professionals here at Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner can ensure you get the right product for your car to not only help you reduce your gas usage, but increase the performance of your car’s engine.

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