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When it comes to adventure, some people like a 4WD, others prefer a faster speed bike, while others tend to hit the dirt tracks on an ATV. However, for those more...water focused, our choice is often a jet-ski. If this sounds like you and you have a jet-ski that you need help maintaining, or you're looking to buy one and want more information on the level of maintenance you can expect, keep reading.

The Benefits of Basic Maintenance and a Synthetic Oil Change Near Florida Ridge

While most people are benefiting from a synthetic oil change near Florida Ridge for their car, they can often forget that Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner can also help them keep their jet-ski in good shape and performing optimally. With an extensive range of high-quality synthetic oil products, including those designed for water crafts, Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner has a basic checklist for jet-ski maintenance and some information on how you can keep it performing better for longer.

Learn About Your Craft

Jet-skis are quite unique vehicles, and with them, bring their own unique requirements for operation - so learn yours. Instead of throwing away your owner's manual with the thought that if you can drive a car you can ride a jet-ski, take some time to learn more about your new toy. Apart from specific maintenance requirements, your manual is likely to include a good amount of quality information regarding the safe use of a jet-ski. As with all engine based adventure toys, safety needs to come first - especially where the water is concerned.

Keep Your Fluid Levels Up

There are, of course, some similarities between a jet-ski engine and the engine in your car. That being they both require lubrication and various fluids to run smoothly and efficiently. Take the time to check yours before you take it out of the garage each time. More often than not, riders get to the water only to find that the engine oil is low and they forgot to bring their spare bottle. Given the extreme pressures that can occur throughout a jet-ski engine, running it with a conventional oil is likely to see you needing to keep the bottle handier than you would like, so consider the switch a full synthetic oil. With purpose designed additives introduced at the refinement stage, one of the many benefits of using a synthetic oil in your jet-ski is less top ups and less complete oil changes being required. To learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change near Florida Ridge, head to our website or speak with an expert directly by calling (772) 770-3448. With extensive experience providing jet-ski's and car's alike with high-quality synthetic oil, Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner are the go-to people for the best advice and the best range of high-quality synthetic oil products.

Keep It Clean - Always

Given that your jet-ski will spend a decent amount of time in water that isn't always pristine, it's important that you keep it clean, both inside and out. After each ride, be sure to give it a good wash down with clean water and remove any and all debris that you can see. Making sure that it's turned off and the key has been removed, check any propulsion exhausts to make sure nothing is caught in there that could cause decay or rust. Of course, once you've finished the clean, always take the time to dry it completely with a clean cloth and store it in a dry space.

Electronics Mean Battery

While not all jet-ski's have a lot of electronics, they are always going to have a battery, so make sure that yours is in good condition. While they don't often need replacing, carefully check its fluid level and condition to make sure it will be ready to get you going and keep you going the next time you hit the water. If it's looking a bit damaged or old, swap it out for a fresh one. There's no point in taking the chance that you'll get stuck on the water with no way back to shore.

Reap the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change Near Florida Ridge

To get the best performance out of your jet-ski you need to put the best products in, so don't take chances with inferior products. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner at (772) 770-3448 and learn more about how a synthetic oil change near Florida Ridge can not only get the best performance out of your jet-ski but also help to keep it on the water for longer.

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