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As the season starts to get colder, it’s time to start thinking about giving your car some basic maintenance. If you love the idea but don’t know where to start, this article can help. All motorist want to keep their mechanic costs down by performing their own maintenance at home. The challenge, however, is that as these motorist study to become a mechanic that they think there is nothing they can do which could have a noticeable impact on their vehicle’s performance.

Easy Vehicle Maintenance You Can Do at Home

Through extensive experience providing motorists just like yourself with the right products for their engine, Willburner knows a thing or two about engine mechanics and has some information to share about the sorts of vehicle maintenance you can perform at home.

Clean Your Car

When it comes to keeping your vehicle clean, there is much more to it than just how it looks. Keeping your car clean can help you to prevent serious damage from occurring. For this reason, during your fall vehicle maintenance, give a bit more thought to how well you are going to clean your car. If possible, recruit the family and make a day of it! When cleaning, be sure to pay attention to these areas:
  • If your feet touch it, clean it! This means that you will need to reach right up where the pedals and footrests are. It is easy for moisture from your shoes to accumulate up here where you can’t see it, potentially leading to carpet damage
  • Run a clean and damp cloth along and in every crevice of your car’s seals. Such as those around the doors and windows. Then, once you have finished, use clean paper towels to do the same
  • The damp cloth is to pick up as much small dust that you can. Often dust which you can’t even see, but that can accumulate and cause problems. The paper towel is a good choice to ensure all moisture it picked up when you are wiping. Rubber and stagnant water don’t mix well, so be sure to dry your seals.
  • Tackle the trunk with everything you’ve got! This means taking everything out, giving not only your trunk a solid clean, but also cleaning any of the items that you intend to put back in. Once you are satisfied that your trunk is clean, back in it all goes, ensuring it’s still clean on the way in.

Tire Condition

Just because your tires look impenetrable doesn’t mean that they are. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t need your attention once in awhile. Such as during your fall vehicle maintenance. Take your car outside into the sunlight and give it a thorough visual inspection. When you are checking, look out for these:
  • Any places on your tires where the tread has completely worn, leaving a bald spot
  • Any chunks or missing pieces of treat or tire
  • Any instances where there is debris stuck n the tread or debris which has pierced the tire, such as a nail.
If you can see any of these, be sure to get your tire to a professional before you drive on it anymore. Bald spots are the easiest way to cause an accident as they can cause your car to slide instead of stop. As for debris stuck in your tire, this is a great way to encourage a tire blowout while you are driving on the freeway. When performing any type of maintenance, you always get out what you put in. Click here to buy AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been designed to keep your engine clean and running smoothly. Alternatively, speak with an expert at Willburner by calling (772) 770-3448.


While it’s true that your mechanic likely checks and replaces all of your fluids when you take your car in for regular maintenance, if you were to stand and watch them perform the task then you would quickly realize that it something which you can easily do at home. Your owner’s manual will have the best details, but if you can’t find it then these are the most common fluids to pay attention to:
  • Engine Oil (also called engine lubricant)
  • Power Steering Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Oil
  • Wiper Fluid
When checking your levels, be sure that your car is on level ground. If you can see that any of these fluids are running low or you it’s obvious that they have seen better days, take the time to replace them instead of just topping them up.

Air Filter

While you may know that your engine has an air filter, did you know that it has nothing to do with the quality of the air that comes out of your vents? Depending on how you look at it, this air filter performs a much more important task. To keep your engine going, small amounts of fuel and small amounts of air enter a chamber where they are ignited. This is the general process of combustion. The quality of the ignition or the spark depends on the quality of both the fuel and the air going in. This is where your air filter comes in! Your air filter keeps contaminants and small debris from entering the chamber where it can cause serious damage and a loss of vehicle performance. With this in mind, take the time to either clean the fiber in your air filter if it’s possible or, and an even better idea, replace your air filter entirely. An air filter isn’t expensive and its performance impacts how well your vehicle performs.

Give Your Engine a Boost With a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach

As you can see, there is a number of maintenance items which you can take care of this fall that can not only improve your car’s performance but also help to extend its lifespan. To make sure you use the right product for the job, check out the online store or speak with a synthetic oil change expert at Willburner by calling (772) 770-3448.

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