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Some adventure seekers like the speeds a dirt bike produces. Others like the stability (and comfort) of driving an SUV through rough tracks. For those who prefer a mixture of the two, an ATV is often their choice of vehicle. And while an ATV shares many qualities with both a dirt bike and an SUV, the level of maintenance required includes unique checks, all of which you can perform yourself.

Don't Let Simple Maintenance Problems Prevent You From Off-Road Adventure

Along with providing high-quality AMSOIL products for owners to give their trucks or dirt bikes a synthetic oil change, Willburner also stock products which cater to the needs of an ATV engine. Whether you're new to owning an ATV, or you are an experienced rider who has just purchased a new ride or is looking for a knowledge refresh, Willburner has a list of tips to help get you started.

It Pays to Learn

While an ATV engine may look similar to the one you have seen in another vehicle, it doesn't mean that it is. Take the time to read through your owner's manual and learn the specifics of your particular engine. Along with detailed instructions on how your ATV operates, it will also include any recommended break-in procedures which you should pay attention to.


Before you head out on each ride, check the pressure in each tire and adjust it for the terrain ahead. If the pressure is too low, even in just one of your tires, it can affect your handling and general performance, and potentially leave you stuck in the mud watching your friends ride by.


With the type of riding conditions seen by an ATV, the suspension takes quite a beating. Frequent exposure to water and mud can wash away grease, resulting in potential corrosion. The AMSOIL Newsstand suggests you use a high-quality, water-resistant grease to help keep your suspension in good shape.

Check Your Levels

Check your owner's manual for the complete list of fluids that your ATV uses, and be sure to check each level before you ride. Everytime. While it can be tempting to 'top it up when you get back', this mentality can be the difference between a full day's ride, and getting stuck on the sidelines. If your engine oil level is looking low and the condition looks old, swap a top up for a full synthetic oil change. Many riders believe that their ATV can use the same engine lubricant as their car. This isn't true and can result in severe engine damage. Speak with Willburner at (772) 770-3448 about your ride and make sure you only use the right products when you top or perform a synthetic oil change.

Air Filter

It's no surprise that an engine needs clean air to run. However, an ATV poses a particular challenge in this regard due your air intake encountering a high level of dust and debris during off-road riding. If your air filter gets clogged, it can starve you engine of a vital requirement, and significantly impact its performance.

Levers and Handles

It happens too often; riders completing a course or just having fun on a track lose their handlebar grips because they just didn't check them before they went out. Take a couple of minutes and make sure your grips are in good shape and are well attached. When it comes to levers, it's a personal choice of the tension. However, it's important that your steering doesn't get in the way. If you notice that, as you steer in a particular direction, your RPM increases, a cable could be catching as your handlebars turn.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your ride clean is more than just about how it looks. You put your ATV through a lot of rough conditions, leading to dust, mud, and debris being caught up in the body and the undercarriage. After each ride, take the time to give your ATV some TLC and wash it down thoroughly. Once it's washed, be sure to dry it completely to prevent rust and corrosion.

Increase the Performance of Your ATV With a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach

Just like any engine, the performance you get out of it depends on the products you put into it. To get the best performance out of your ATV, stick with high-quality products from well-known brands such as AMSOIL. Willburner stocks a range of engine lubricants and greases which have been purpose designed for ATV engines and parts and offer superior performance. Whether you're changing your oil filter or giving your ATV a synthetic oil change, call Willburner at (772) 770-3448 to make sure you're only using the best.

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