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In a previous post we talked about the importance of the oil in your car´s engine. Today, we at Willburner in Florida Ridge, FL want to discuss another very important aspect that is also essential to the life of your engine. The air filter is a fundamental component of your vehicle and allows it to work properly.

The Air Filter Allows Your Engine to Breathe

If the oil is the blood of your vehicle then the air filter is like the lungs. The air filter is what allows the engine to breathe without polluting its system by the many particles that can contaminate it when the air travels inside. It is almost impossible for you to function without proper oxygen, the same goes for your vehicle. When the air filter works properly it keeps out any dust, bugs or particles that may enter and damage the engine. This allows the engine to have clean air coming in and to function properly

What Happens When the Air Filter Is Clogged

When the filter is dirty or not able to perform its job then the engine is compromised. Having a clogged filer can cause your engine to have an asthma attack. Ok, not really, but you get the idea. Something similar will happen. A filter that is not in good condition will allow all kinds of particles inside and cause the engine to malfunction. It may also suffocate the engine, by not letting through any clean air and cause it to breakdown. Pretty much the engine will suffer the same way we do if we do not get any clean air and oxygen in our system.

Keep the Air Filter in Good Conditions

Check your air filter every now and then, and clean it as needed. Most air filters tend to last a good while. However, if you are driving in very dusty areas and very polluted environmental conditions, then your air filter will likely need to be replaced sooner. This, along with a good oil can help your engine maintain a healthy and lasting performance.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Florida Ridge, FL

At Willburner, we have all the finest and most outstanding products for your engine in all of Florida. From air filters to quality synthetic oil in Florida Ridge, FL, we are ready to take care of all your car maintenance needs. Contact us now, and get your engine the life quality it deserves. Call (772) 770-3448 today, for more information on the AMSOIL products we provide, and the benefits that they can bring your vehicle and your wallet. You can also visit our online shop to place an order.

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