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Each time that you ask about the charge for a synthetic oil change, your mechanic tells you that it’s done to help your engine perform better. As good of a reason as this is, it doesn’t really tell you much. This article will explain the basics of how an engine works, and why your oil keeps getting changed.

Keeping Your Car Running at Its Best With a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach, FL

If you keep your car up to date with its regular maintenance, then you have likely become accustomed to seeing the words ‘synthetic oil change’ on your mechanic’s invoice each time you collect your car. And while you can’t be expected to know everything about your vehicle, Will Burner has a post to share that can help explain why your car’s oil keeps getting changed and what happens if you let it go too long.

Engines 101

The best place to start is always with the basics, and this is exactly where this article will begin, with a very basic explanation of how an engine works and why your mechanic keeps changing your synthetic oil. As soon as you start your vehicle, your engine makes lots of different noises. You aren’t sure what they are, but you can hear it all. It’s generally a healthy sounding rumble. If you were to break open your engine, these noises would be caused by various engine parts moving around as they perform their very specific tasks. These tasks often include interacting with other parts of your engine. Essentially, this means small and large metal parts sliding against and crashing into each other for the purpose of keeping your car moving forward. By design, these processes and interactions work well and result in your car moving each time you press down on the gas pedal.

However, It Isn't All Smooth Sailing Straight out of the Warehouse.

Keeping with the above description, imagine each of these parts doing their job under situations of high pressure and extreme temperatures. Because these are the exact conditions underneath your hood as you drive. Once your imagination starts to work, it becomes clear that metal hitting metal rarely ends well. And this has never been truer than in the case of your engine. To prevent this from occurring in your engine, it’s important that you only use the best product for the job. When it comes to engines, that product is synthetic oil. Speak with Will Burner at (772) 770-3448 or check out their online store to get more information about which is the right product for you, such as AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, and how it can help your engine perform at its best. When these parts start to hit each other, they can chip away small shards from each other. If left to operate like this, the results are what you likely know as ‘engine wear’ and more importantly, ‘engine part replacement.'

But If This Is What Happens Inside My Engine, How Does It Last Longer Than a Few Minutes?

A good question. And the answer is the very reason you’re reading this article - a synthetic oil change in Vero Beach. A synthetic oil change in Vero Beach provides your engine with a crucial fluid which creates a protective barrier around each of the above-mentioned parts. With this protection in place, each engine part is able to perform at its best, smoothly interact with other engine parts, and heavily reduce engine wear and part damage. In addition to this barrier, engine oil also flows through and around each part as you drive. This flow also works to collect any small contaminants which may have made their way into your engine using your fuel lines or your air filter. When collected, these small parts are carried to your engine’s air filter where they are captured.

Does a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach, FL Really Improve the Performance of My Car?

In a word; yes. By replacing you old conventional oil with a synthetic oil change, you are essentially giving your engine new blood which helps each individual part perform at its best. Collectively, this means a better performing engine. Getting your hands on a high-quality synthetic oil doesn’t require a trip to the mechanic, however. It just requires a phone call or a click. Give Will Burner a call at (772) 770-3448 to speak with an expert or check out their website to read information about how each of the products works and which engines they are best suited to.

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