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If you are used to driving a car for your regular road trips and are looking to take your motorbike this time instead, then this is the post you need to read before you head off.

Tips to Consider Before You Hit the Road for an 8 Hour Ride

First-time riders face a lot of new struggles; one of the main ones being the difficulty in adjusting your thinking when making plans about transport and riding instead of driving. This often leads many riders to make plans they could reasonably complete in a car, stranded halfway towards their destination. If you love the idea of a road trip, but the one you are considering will be your first on a bike, Willburner has an article with tips that can help.

Choose a Realistic Destination

It's all well and good to want to take your new bike to show off to a relative who lives hours away. And were you to have bought a car, then the drive would have been smooth and with minimal concerns. However, now that you have a bike, you need to give more thought to the distances you can travel in one go. Different to the comfort of a car where you have cup holders, climate control, and a very comfortable seat with armrests, a motorbike offers you little more than a seat that is constantly vibrating and the requirement for you to sit in a single position while you ride without becoming distracted. Instead of planning to get there right on the estimated duration mark, as you would driving a car, look for spots along the way which would be convenient for you to stop and rest. Additionally, if the original distance was further than you feel you can ride, break up the ride with an overnight stay in the middle. The duration of your journey legs is also important when planning for maintenance. Be sure to carry enough supplies to get you back up and running again should you run out of coolant or fluid along the way. To make sure that your bike performs at its best and can go the distance, steer away from putting inferior products inside it. Instead, speak with Willburner at (772) 770-3448 to find out which high-quality AMSOIL engine fluid is best suited to your bike. If you prefer, the online store has more information about each of the products available, including their individual benefits and the engine types and vehicles that they are most suited to.

A Word on Comfort

The above tip briefly mentioned that you can expect a vibrating ride the entire journey. And it isn't wrong. However, there are some small steps you can take to give yourself a better ride. The most effective step comes in the form of swapping your seat for an after-market option which has been designed for comfort. While it may not match the overall style of your bike, if you are wanting to ride long distance, it's your most comfortable option.

Don't Blame the Weather

When planning a road trip with a car, the weather is of little consequence. Sure, it's good to know about it, but any storms or winds can be driven through with relative ease, thanks to the four doors and roof of a car. Unfortunately, a motorbike lacks such luxuries. For this reason, it's important that you pay attention to any and all weather forecasts which could affect your journey. This doesn't mean that you need to cancel your plans (unless the weather forecast tells you to), it just means more careful planning. For example, look at the times when rain is expected to hit and plan to already be stopped and inside taking a coffee or lunch break listening to road trip tunes while the storm moves over. The weather shouldn't always dictate whether you ride or not; It just takes a little creative thinking and some smart planning to make it work.

Your Bike Needs a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach

Just like your regular car, how well your bike performs depends on the type of maintenance you provide and the quality of products that you put into it. Click here to buy AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil which has been purpose designed to address the needs of a motorcycle engine such as working to keep it clean and performing at its most efficient. Alternatively, check out the online store or speak with an expert at Willburner by calling (772) 770-3448 to find out which AMSOIL product is the best suited to your engine and riding needs.

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