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Spring is here, and with it comes the annual Spring Clean of your home and garden. And while we are sure you will have your time filled with a large list of 'I'll do those later' items, it's important to remember that your car can also benefit from a Spring Clean.

Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

If you usually leave the maintenance of your car to your mechanic, however are interested in ways which you can take control of some of these items during your Spring Clean, Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner has put together a brief list of ways you can provide your car with basic maintenance as part of your Spring Clean.

Start With the Interior

Once you have finished with your home carpets, it's time to bring the vacuum cleaner outdoors. Empty all of the items in your car's storage compartments and give your car and car mats a thorough vacuum. Don't forget to use the attachments which came with your vacuum cleaner to get into hard to reach spaces such as in between your cushions a foot pedal areas. Before you replace the items you removed, consider whether each of the items needs to go back in and consider throwing away unused items.

Lift the Hood and Check Your Levels

Now it's time to move to your engine maintenance by checking your levels. The first level to check is your engine oil by using your dipstick. If the levels are looking low or it has been a significant amount of time since you changed your engine oil, your Spring Clean can make the perfect time for a synthetic oil change in Saint Lucie County. Next, check your coolant level and quality. When checking your coolant, it's important that your engine isn't hot. When your engine is hot, the pressure inside our radiator builds and can lead to injury if released. If your engine oil and coolant levels are low, it's important that you replace the with the right product. Instead of taking a guess and causing damage to your engine, give Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner a call at (772) 770-3448 and speak about the type of car you drive. With access to a large catalog of high-quality AMSOIL products, you can be sure you will get the right product for your engine.

While the Hood Is Up

With the hood of your engine up, take some time to check the condition of your air filter. If it has filled up with debris, give it a good clean. If it still looks a little worse-for-wear, it's a good idea to replace it.

Give Your Tire Pressure a Check

Often considered to be zero maintenance, tires do a lot more for you and your car than you may know. If the pressure inside each tire is lower than it should be, it can increase your gas usage while making it difficult to steer. Compare the current pressure against the level listed in your owner's manual. If there are any differences, adjust them. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and has great benefits. While you are checking your tire pressure, take a few extra minutes to inspect the level and condition of your tire tread. If you notice there are any small cuts which are beginning to appear, speak with your mechanic straight away. If left to grow, these could cause a tire blowout while driving.


While you are close to your tires, take a look through the rim and check the condition of your brakes. Along with listening for any grinding noises which occur as you apply pressure to your brake pedal, visually inspecting your brakes is a good way to ensure you don't leave replacing your brakes too late and cause damage. If you can see the metal part of your brake pads or there is an indicator pin showing, don't take any chances and have them replaced.

Receive the Full Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Saint Lucie County

Ensuring that you receive the full benefits of a synthetic oil change in Saint Lucie County doesn't require you to know everything about your engine and how it operates, it just requires a telephone call. Speak with a friendly expert at Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner by calling (772) 770-3448 and speak about the make and model of your vehicle. Able to provide professional advice on a range of high-quality products including engine oil, engine coolants along with air and oil filters, Amsoil Dealer - Will Burner will ensure you get the right product for your vehicle.

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