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It can be a challenge for an everyday driver such as yourself to understand enough about how their engine works to reduce gas usage. However, getting more from your tank is easier than you might think.

If you remember a time when you could fill up your gas tank and not have to worry about eating for the next year then you are a lucky person. Okay, maybe it isn’t as bad as that, but you get what we mean! Gas prices are always rising with no signs of ever returning to those good old days that you remember.

Tips to Help You Reduce Your Gas Usage

While most drivers opt to simply leave their car at home and suffer the inconveniences, Willburner knows that there is a way to both reduce your gas usage and enjoy the benefits of your vehicle and has the following tips to offer.

Here He Comes, Here Comes Speed Racer!

All the way to the gas station. Every day. Why? Because as soon as the light changed from red to green, this driver planted their foot as hard as they could on the gas pedal so that they could be the first person to reach the next red light for the next wait.

If you think about it, your car is a large metal object that is just standing still. If you were to get behind it and push, you would be hard pressed to get it to move. Now, consider that your engine manages to move your vehicle from a standing start without the benefit of being able to get behind and push! As you can imagine, this kind of take off demands a lot of power. Now, imagine how much more power it needs when you press your foot hard to the floor.

Long story short - slow down! Taking off quickly from red lights and yield signs is the easiest way to use more gas than you need to. The next time that you are moving from a full stop, give your engine some thought and take it easier on the gas pedal.

It's All About the Fluids!

Your doctor says it to you each time that you visit. And similar to your body needing water, so too does your engine needs its fluids. A healthy engine relies on high-quality fluids and lubricants to help it do its job. Without fluids such as your engine oil, as an example, your engine would be comprised of nothing more than metal parts scraping and grinding against each other, causing engine damage and making it hard for your engine to perform at its best.

Your engine oil coats each of the parts inside your engine with a protective film. With this barrier in place, each part gently (well, as gently as an engine can be) interacts with each other. Without the resistance caused by friction build up, your engine requires less energy to run. Less energy means less fuel usage.

Click here to buy AMSOIL's  Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. Products like this have been designed to not only keep your engine well protected and lubricated, but also keep it healthy. Call Willburner today at (772) 770-3448 to learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Florida can improve your car’s performance and fuel economy.

What's in a Tire?

Well, air, obviously. But how much air? That’s the question. Friction inside your engine isn’t the only type that works against your vehicle as you drive. As your wheels turn, friction builds up between the road and the parts of your tire which come into contact with it. Again, this friction works against your engine, requiring it to exert more energy to keep you moving.

Take out your owner’s manual or check out the print on the side of your tires and make sure that each of them is at the correct and same level. This includes the one that you (hopefully) have in your trunk! By increasing the tire pressure to the recommended level, you reduce the amount of tire surface which comes into contact with the road.

Improving your tire pressure also comes with the added benefit of better handling, helping to get you into those tight parking spaces.

Do You Love Traffic?

Unless you have a strange affection for traffic, stop getting caught in it! Easier said than done, right?

The next time that you are planning our your errands for the week, think about the places and times where you frequently become frustrated while sitting in traffic. Whether it’s a lot of red lights, road works, or waiting for other drivers to let you into a lane, put it on a list. Now, armed with your list and required errands, look for ways to reduce your traffic wait times. For example, if you are constantly stuck in traffic on a Wednesday morning trying to drop off the dry cleaning, look for a time where you will be either in the area or close to it where you can make a quick detour.

Simple ideas such as this are a great way to reduce the amount of time that you are stuck in traffic. Of course, on top of reducing your frustration levels, you are also reducing your gas usage. While it can seem insignificant, each of the times where you are waiting at the lights or to be let in is wasted gas. It all adds up, and quickly.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Florida Can Improve Your Engine Health

As you can see, keeping your gas usage down isn’t rocket science, it just takes some small adjustments to your driving habits and some basic vehicle maintenance. To get started, give Willburner a call at (772) 770-3448 and find out which of AMSOIL’s high-quality engine lubricants is best suited to your vehicle and needs. Alternatively, check out the online store for more information about each of the products available.

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