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How You Drive Affects Your Car

Cars are strong creatures, well, machines, that need to be taken care of correctly, in order to have them last a long time.  We have previously talked about how some parts of the engine and the vehicle system is somewhat similar to that of the organs in our bodies. In a previous post titled Change the Fuel Filter in A Timely Manner, we discuss some similarities in the waste system of our bodies and that of cars. Today at Wilburner, we would like to talk about an important aspect of how our driving habits affect our vehicles.

How You Drive Is an Important Factor of Car Care

Driving is not always seen as an important aspect of car care, but it can be the key component to how well our car responds.  Cars are made to run and most engines have a good capacity to do so. The thing here is that most streets are made to commute from one place to another, not to race or drive your car at full speed. Besides the fact that it is dangerous, there is the fact that it is very hard on your engine. Yes, engines are made to travel fast, however they perform best when they are driven at good speeds constantly and for consistent periods of time.

Engines Are Long Distance Runners

If you look at the engine of a car as an athlete then it would be a long distance runner, not a sprinter. What this means is that most vehicles are great at being fast during long distances. They do really well in a long race and can keep up the speed constantly, but they are not great at sprinting. When you drive in streets that have continuous stop signs and traffic lights and you try to keep up the speed then you are forcing your engine to sprint. That is what hard driving is, when you force the engine to stop and drive at high speeds.

What Hard Driving Looks Like

To illustrate what hard driving looks like let's imagine that you are driving at a fast speed then all of a sudden the traffic light is on red so you quickly brake, then when it turns to green you take off at full speed, only to have to stop abruptly in the next street because there is a stop sign and people are crossing. That is what many drivers do, and it wears out and tires the engine just like it would tire you if you were running. If you had to run a certain distance and had to continually stop and take off at full speed you would be exhausted in a fairly quick amount of time. It is likely that you will dehydrate faster and wear out quicker when you sprint, and the same is true for your engine. Fluids in your engine are used up much more quickly and less efficiently when you drive that hard.

Avoid Affecting Your Engine

To avoid exhausting your engine try to drive at moderate and constant speeds. When possible take the highway instead of the street or choose streets with less stop and traffic signs. Also, do not transition so harshly or quickly from a full stop to a fast take off, instead  gently get your car to start taking of after a stop. Your car will last a lot longer and your engine will wear out less if you polish your driving habits and avoid hard driving. Not only will your car thank you but also will your wallet. Hard driving dehydrates your engine by using up fluids such as gasoline, coolant, water and oil much faster.

Synthetic Oil in Port St. Lucie

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