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Whether it's a full day spent trawling, bursts of action as you pull the kids and their water toys around the lake, or you just want to get to a camping site which is only accessible by water, owning a boat opens up a range of adventures.

Of course, any responsible boat owner knows that when it comes to adventure on the water - safety always comes first. To help get you started, Willburner has a few items to include on your safety checklist.

Start With a Plan

Knowing where you are going, when you will be leaving and arriving, and the temperament of the waters is crucial to a safe and successful boating adventure. Use maps and online resources to get the information you need. Once you have your plans set, share them with a friend or a family member, in the event you find yourself stuck and out of contact.

Check Your Boat

Even the smallest crack or leak can lead to severe damage. And when you're in the water, that isn't something you want to occur. Before each trip, take the time to give your boat a thorough visual inspection. If you notice any damage, repair it before you take the boat out next. This inspection is not limited to the just the body of the boat, but also the condition of the interior. Check for wear on items like the grip tape on stairs or any handheld safety rails.

How Are Your Fluid Levels?

The last thing that you want is to be stuck in the water because of something as simple as low engine fluids. A few days before the journey, check your levels. If you need to, use the remaining days to either top it up or straight out replace the fluid. Remember that the fluids you use in your other vehicles are not compatible with your boat. To get the right engine fluid for your boat, speak with an expert at Willburner by calling (772) 770-3448 about which AMSOIL synthetic oil product best suits your needs. If you are an old hat at boating and know what you need, the online store has further information available about individual products.

Can You Hear Me Now?

You are going to rely on the electronics on board your boat to get you out of trouble if you need help, along with general guiding and alerts. For this reason, it's vital that you check the working condition of your radios and navigational equipment each time. This extends to your dials and gauges. If they are electronic, be sure they are working and reporting the correct information before heading out. If a temperature gauge is faulty it can cause you to run your craft too hot.

Life Jackets

The simple rule is: if a passenger doesn't have a life jacket, then they stay on dry land. Life jackets are the most important safety item on a boat, so be sure that every on board your boat has one. When checking, remember that adult and child life jackets can not be swapped.

Simple Education

A 10-minute walk around the boat while pointing out safety features and emergency equipment can be the difference between passengers who know how to act in the event of a problem, and those who don't. Take the time to educate each person about how the boat works, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Emergency Box

In the event that something does go wrong, your emergency box is going to be your first point of call. Of course, it's only useful if you have the right items inside it. Your basic item list will include:
  • Flares
  • Battery powered radios
  • Battery powered GPS device
  • Battery powered lights (preferably LED)
  • Extra batteries
  • Whistle
  • Lights to attract attention
  • First-aid kit
  • Basic tool kit
  • Emergency frequencies
If you have any items specific to your boat or your needs, be sure to include them. Additionally, as you are giving your passengers a tour of the boat for safety, be sure they are aware of where the emergency box is and what it includes.

Keep Your Boat From Getting Stuck on the Water With a Synthetic Oil Change in Vero Beach

The performance you see from your boat will largely depend on what ou put inside the engine. Be sure that you are using only the best products which are purpose designed for your boat and its needs. If you are unsure, speak with Willburner at (772) 770-3448 and ask about the range of marine focused engine lubricants and products.

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