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One of the most appealing aspects of riding a dirt bike is that you can ride it through a range of conditions, such as plain dirt, thick mud, or even through river beds. However, your ability to enjoy these adventures depends on the condition of your ride.

Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Dirt Bike in Good Working Order

If you have just bought your first dirt bike, or you are an experienced rider looking for a checklist to keep in your garage, Willburner has a post which can help. Along with providing products for drivers to perform their own synthetic oil change, Willburner also stocks a range of high-quality products focused towards motorbikes. With knowledge of this range, we have prepared a basic dirt bike maintenance checklist to follow.

Start With a Clean Bike

Keeping your bike clean isn't just for cosmetic purposes, because it's likely that it's just going to get dirty again very quickly. Instead, the importance of keeping a clean dirt bike is to prevent corrosion on the body and any exposed engine components. Something as simple as a wash down with soapy water and a thorough dry after each ride is enough to do the job.

Chain Tension

When you pull on your chain, it shouldn't be so tense that it immediately springs back. On the other hand, you shouldn't be able to remove it easily either. Look through your owner's manual for the right tension level for your chain and maintain it

Keep Your Eye out for Leaks

Before you take your dirt bike out of the garage, check the ground around it for any signs of fluid leaks. If you notice any stains on the ground that indicate a leak, don't ride until you've found the problem and fixed it. While it may just be a loose seal, riding it before it's repaired can lead to extensive damage and makes for a dangerous experience.

Cable Tension

Given the level of maneuverability that you will need while you ride through rough tracks, it's important that your cables are not restricting your ability to turn the handles, and similarly, that turning your handles is not engaging any cables. Make sure that your handles and cables are not obstructing each other, and that your cable tension is set to your riding style.

Good Old Fluids

If you own a car, then you are likely familiar with your fluid levels. Similarly, your bike has it's own fluid level requirements. Check your manual for any further levels to check, however; the basics are going to be your engine lubricant, your coolant levels, and your brake fluid. If any of these levels are low, top them up before you ride. When it comes time to replace any of your fluids, it's important to remember that you can't use the same fluids as you do for your car's synthetic oil change. Doing so can lead to a serious loss of performance and engine damage. Instead, speak with Willburner at (772) 770-3448 and ask about the range of dirt-bike focused fluids.

Tire Condition

The condition of your tires is paramount to your safety as a rider. Before your bike even leaves the garage, take the time to inspect the tires for any damage. Something as small as a crack on the tire wall can cause a dangerous blowout as you ride.

Tire Pressure

Unlike regular motorcycles, you are likely to ride your dirt bike on a range of different roads and tracks. Generally, it will run between 10-20 PSI. To get the best performance, it's important that you adjust your tire pressure accordingly. This could mean that you increase the pressure for highway driving, then lower it for muddy tracks, then back up again for highway driving. Whatever pressure the terrain calls for, adjust your tires accordingly.

Check Your Air Filter

Restricting the air supply to your dirt bike's engine results in a significant decrease in performance and can cause engine damage. Due to the amount of dust and debris that is likely thrown into your air intake, it's particularly important that you pay attention to the condition of your air filter. You can either use an air filter spray to help clean it, or replace it if it's past that point.

Give Your Engine What It Needs to Perform With a Synthetic Oil Change in Florida Ridge

Despite what many riders believe, you can perform a synthetic oil change on your bike at home in your garage. You just need the right products. Speak with Willburner at (772) 770-3448 about the type of dirt bike you own and get the best product for the job. Along with your synthetic oil change, Wilburner can also help with a range of coolants, fluids, and filters to keep your ride as powerful as possible.

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